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Candle & Spell “Lunar Cleansing of the Money Energies” 🌙


🌙 The moon, as a satellite of the Earth, has a strong influence on the visible and invisible side of events on Earth. The relationship with the phases of the moon and the events taking place is especially traced.

🌙 Lunar energies will help you achieve your desired goal, whether it is gaining something or getting rid of something.

📜 And now about the candle and the ritual 📜

🔥 This ritual will not only clear your money channel not only from obstacles, but also from the influence of envious people who look with envy at your business or money and try to steal it for themselves.

🖤 ​​It is not enough to just burn a candle. Yes, there will be some effect, but not for long. It will be necessary to manipulate the candles so that the energies of the moon will purposefully contribute to the achievement of your goal.

🖤On my altar, I perform a ceremony that charges the candle for a powerful cleaning of your money channel. On the candle, I indicate your name and use it during the ceremony itself. And as a result, you get a ready-made charged artifact with instructions on what to do next with it.

✔ Dimensions: 6 * 4 * 4cm

🔝 Composition:
🐝 Real beeswax
🪔 Real essential oils
✨ Real Magic

🛍 Package Contents: Candle + Ritual
⏳ Production time: 3-4 days

®️ Author’s ritual of the Modern Witch

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