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Candle & Spell for Men “The Passion of a Witch” 🖤🔥


Everyone has long known the fact that every woman has a hidden or not very hidden witch 😈 And of course, this little zest attracts men even more 💞 And here the fun begins ♨️ The more a man begins to pay attention to such a young lady, the more she ignores him classics💔 A woman always has her own tricks and tricks in such cases: witchcraft conspiracies, rituals, candles that are sold at every step on Instagram, all sorts of Tips from psychologists, esotericists, etc. And a man just might lose the battle in this Passionate magic battle 🤭

And now about the candle ritual 💫

🖤 ​​The figurine of a candle speaks for itself: a girl in a fog of passion hugs the phallus and takes the dripping drops on her lips. And in my head sounds: “I want!”
I will not continue .. fantasize yourself😏

🖤 ​​On my altar, I conduct a ceremony that charges a candle to unrestrained feminine passion ❤️‍🔥 On the candle I indicate your name and use it during the ceremony itself. And as a result, you get a ready-made charged artifact with instructions on what to do next with it.

✔Dimensions: 14 * 5 * 3cm

🔝 Composition:
🐝 Real beeswax
🪔 Real essential oils
✨ Real Magic

🎁 Package Contents: Candle + Ritual
🕒 Production time: 3-4 days

®️ Author’s ritual of the Modern Witch

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