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Candle & Spell “Energy Healing with the Help of Black Egg” 🖤🥚


🖤 ​​The egg is a very ancient magical symbol. Black wax candles in the shape of an egg are used in pagan, healing, witchcraft rituals, in rituals of white and black magic, in divination, necromancy and shamanism.

🖤 ​​If you often feel unreasonable fatigue, everything falls out of hand, you get annoyed over trifles, often feel anxiety and fear, cannot fall asleep for a long time, you have nightmares, then you can change the situation with the help of the ritual – CLEANING WITH THE BLACK EGG.

📜 And now about the candle and the ritual 📜

🖤 ​​It is not enough to just burn an egg-shaped candle. Yes, there will be some effect, but not for long. It will be necessary to carry out manipulations with the candles so that all the negativity really comes off you.

🖤On my altar, I perform a ceremony that charges the candle for powerful cleansing. On the candle, I indicate your name and use it during the ceremony itself. And as a result, you get a ready-made charged artifact with instructions on what to do next with it.

✔ Dimensions: 6 * 4 * 4cm

🔝 Composition:
🐝 Real beeswax
🪔 Real essential oils
✨ Real Magic

🛍 Package Contents: Candle + Ritual
⏳ Production time: 3-4 days

®️ Author’s ritual of the Modern Witch

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