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Candle & Spell “Black Magic Protection of Baphomet” 🖤


🖤Baphomet is an ancient powerful deity with a mysterious essence. Baphomet symbolizes the combination of opposites: dark and light forces, human and divine, otherworldly and material. Possesses the greatest wisdom and patronizes all magicians😈

🖤On my altar, I conduct a ceremony that charges the candle for total protection from both simple negativity and evil black magicians. On the candle, I indicate your name and pronounce it during the ceremony itself. And as a result, you get a ready-made charged artifact with instructions on what to do next with it.

✔Dimensions: 18 * 9.5 * 8cm

🔝 Composition:
🐝 Real beeswax
🪔 Real essential oils
✨ Real Magic

🎁 Package Contents: Candle + Ritual
🕒 Production time: 3-4 days

®️ Author’s ritual of the Modern Witch

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