Black Magick Candles

We live in the Age of Technology and Magic✨
Many do not believe in magic and consider it a relic of the past. But it has been repeatedly proved that the state of our Aura (energy) is closely related to the physical shell. And of course, this can be influenced both negatively and positively. In modern realities everyone conjures 😜 There is a lot of “witchcraft” and “near-magic” information that is easily accessible. And now it has become fashionable to sell candles that have magical powers. And it turns out that any person can harm you or your loved ones.
What can be done in such a situation? It’s possible to ask a witch/spellcaster to help. And then the search of a legit witch/spellcaster begins and it is very expensive. Therefore, I offer you something new 😉 I will teach you to cast spells and defend yourself using candles and spells that have proven themselves: